Children's Chewable Vitamins


Nature's Sunshine presents Sunshine Hero's, a line of chewable vitamins for children and toddlers. Feed the Hero Within! Preventitive and immunity boosting vitamins and a probiotic that contributes to a natural and healthy gut flora.

  • Multi Vitamins Plus Iron

    Recommended Use: A factor in. maintenance of good health

    Dosage: children under six, take one tablet daily with a meal. Children 1-2 years, dissolve or crush tablets prior to consumption. Children over 6 take two tables once daily with a meal. Take a few hours before or after taking other medication.

    Medicinal Ingredients: Each tablet contains Vitamin C (asorbic acid) 50mg, Niacinamide 8 mg, Pantothenic Acid (calcium d-pantothenate) 5mg, Iron (ferrous fumarate) 2.5 mg, Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 1.5 mg, Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 1.5mg, Vitamin B1 (thiamine mononitrate) 1 mg, Folic Acid 0.2 mg, Biotin 125 ug, Vitamin E (d-a-tocopheryl acetate) 8.04 mg AT (12IU), Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 7.5, Vitamin A (vitamin A palmitate) 270 RAE (900 IU) and vitamind D2 (ergocalciferol 5 (200 IU)

    Non-medical ingredients: sorbitol, fructose, mannitol, magnesium sterate (vegetable source), choline bitartrate, inositol, wheat germ flour, rose hips, lemon-lime flavour kelp powder, resin extract, silicon dioxide

  • Probiotic - Bifidophilus for Kids

    90 chewable capsuls 

    Receommended use: Probiotic that contributes to a natural healthy gut flora, provides live microorganisms to benefit health and to confer a health benefit

    Medical Ingredients: each table contains bifidobacterium Iongum (BI-04) 300 million cfu, B, infants (NX 5845) 300 million cfu lactobacillus acidophilus (LA-14) 250 million cfu L. casei (LC-11) 150 million cfu

    Non-medical ingredients: crystalline sorbitol, mannitol, fructose, frutooligosaccharides, orange juice powder, stearic acid (vegetable source), maltodextrin, silicon dioxide, natural orange flavour and magnesium sterate (vegetable source)

    Caution: do not use in the presence of adbominal pain, neausea, fever, vomiting or bloody diarrhea

  • Vitamin C with Elderberry

    Recommended Usage: A factor inthe maintenance of good health, Vitamin C helps the body to metabolize fats and protiens, Vitamin C also helps in connective tissue formation wound healing and in the development and maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth and gums. 

    Dosage: Adults, adolescents and children over 2 years. One tablet 1 time per day. Children 1-2 years, dissolve or crush tablets prior to consumption

    Medicinal Ingredients: Each tables contains vitamin C (asorbic acid) 60mg

    Non Medicinal Ingredients: elderberry fruit extract, D-fructose, stearic acid (vegetable source), magnesiym sterate (vegetable source) D-mannitol, lemon-lime flavour, D-sorbitol and silicon dioxide

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