Counting Rings Set

Counting Rings Set

C$35.00 Regular Price
C$29.75Sale Price

If you’re looking for a truly open-ended toy, then this is it! Colourful wooden peg dolls that come in a set of five, with five colour matching rings. 

You’ll see your little ones using them for the obvious reason, matching the rings with the dolls, but you may also be surprised to see them using them in creative imaginative ways. There may be playful conversations happening, using the dolls with whatever existing toys you already have in the playroom or the rings becoming make-believe cookies. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the versatility of this set!

Looking for a specific colour scheme? Shoot us a message we can make it happen. This set is painted with non – toxic paints, however, it is not meant to be chewed on or put in the mouth. 


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