Weighted Blankets


Deep Muscle Pressure (DMP) provided by a weighted blanket acts like a hug. Helping your body relax while increasing Serotonin part of the equation in producing Melatonin. 


Benefits of a weighted blanket

- aids in sensory processing disorder

- helps ADHD patients with disorder

- may improve sleep

- recreates a hug

- combats stress

- alleviates restless leg

  • Warning

    Weighted blankets are not recommended for children under 3 or persons with poor circulation

    Match child's weight/height appropriately to blanket size. General rule is 10% plus 2 lbs of a childs weight in a blanket about the childs height. 

    Never use on infant or in a crib

    Do not roll persons tightly in the blanket or use as a restraint. Not intended to cover the head. 

    INSPECT blanket beofre each use for tears

    POTENTIAL CHOKING HAZARD from loose pellets. 

  • Washing Directions

    wash on permanent press dry on low setting

  • Sizing

    Small 5 lbs 32"/42"

    Medium 7 lbs 42"/53"

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